Good Reads Wednesday

by Jeff Miller


Here are my recommendations of blogs and news postings for the past week.

Petite Sirah Symposium Has a New Feature this Year – a Media Tasting

Wine Blog

Juicy Tales by Jo Diaz

I’ll confess up front that this is a totally self-serving recommendation, but I’m making it anyway.  And, even if it is self-serving, it’s deserving as well.  P.S. I Love You is the trade organization for Petite Sirah, which for some baffling reason isn’t one of the world’s most popular wine grapes.  I grow it, I make it, I drink it, I love it.  I’ve attended a number of the annual P.S. I Love You annual meetings, but this is the first one where there will be a media tasting (which is the subject of this post).  Media people, come if you can.

Corked The Movie - Invoking The Spirit Of Spinal Tap

Pulling the Cork

Mike Homula

I’m not recommending this movie, because I haven’t seen it.  It’s not yet available on Netflix (though you can add it to your queue for when they get it in).  I’ve seen various things about this movie that are enough to create a buzz, but as far as I know it’s only had a few showings in Los Angeles.  The trailer is on this posting, and it’s enough to make me even more interested, though hard to tell if it’s hilarious or just stupid.  So, has anyone seen it?  If so, please comment, good or bad.  (I guess it can’t be as bad as “Bottle Shock”.)

Constellation Brands Announces New U.S. Distributor Alignment

This article is going to be of more interest to the trade more than to the consumer.  But should it be?  It’s been known that Constellation, which is one of the biggest wine companies in the world, was going to restructure its distribution network.  Now, it’s finally pulled the trigger.  Southern and RNDC each got a lion’s share.  Everyone’s been wondering who would win and who would lose—so now we know.  The big question, at least from the smaller winery’s (i.e., my) point of view—will this open up new opportunities to get distribution through the losers in this competition, who now suddenly have a big hole in their lineups where Constellation used to be?  It’s this sort of esoteric, behind-the-scenes stuff that has a lot to do with what you find on you local wine store’s shelf.

The Oyster Ridge Lesson: don’t send wine too early

Steve Heimoff

This posting makes the point that if a wine is tasted too soon after bottling, it can come off as considerably inferior to what it will be some months later.  Implicit in this is that a wine can only be tasted at one time and place—yet wines are constantly changing. It’s truly a moving target.

P.S.  As I mentioned last week, the best source for wine industry blogs and news is  You can sign up for the daily email containing the day’s news and blogs.  Even though the blog page, “Wine Industry Blogs” isn’t, technically, a blog, I’ve added it to my list of recommended blogs, so that you can jump to it directly from here.  If you’re really interested in the wine business, either as part of it or as a consumer (in which case you’re still part of it, albeit indirectly), it’s something you should be reading every day.

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  1. Jo Diaz says:

    Thanks for the plug, Jeff.

    Any media person (print, blog) who would like to attend only has to Email me. Jo @

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