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jeff-smby Jeff Miller of Artisan Family of Wines (Seven Artisans, Sly Dog Cellars, Red Côte)Every Wednesday I post my recommendations of the best of last week’s postings concerning wine, whether blogs or news.  I list them in the order I read them, so you shouldn’t infer anything about the order in which I list these posts.

Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc: An appreciation

Steve Heimoff

Sauvignon Blanc is something of an enigma for me. I would almost say it’s my least favorite wine, often exhibiting bell pepper and cat pee aromas that some people seem to like for reasons that elude me. But I was out with friends this week at a restaurant and I ordered a glass of white Bordeaux, which is largely Sauvignon Blanc, and certainly one of my favorite white wines. So it’s obvious that, done correctly, Sauvignon Blanc isn’t half bad. So why is it so often all in bad in California?

Do “Zombie Wineries” Exist?

Steve Heimoff

A “Zombie” winery, defined by Heimoff as: It refers to wineries that are in dead every respect, except that they still walk the Earth as though they possessed life.” It’s a relic of the havoc reeked on Winedom by the Great Recession. Hopefully, though they clearly exist, we won’t be adding more.

Terroir in Champagne: Will Terroirists Kill the Blends?

Caroline Henry

While I question the underlying premise of this post (that Terroir makes for great Champagne), it’s pretty interesting nonetheless.

Coravin: what is it good for?

Dr. Vino

The latest wine gadget, albeit an expensive one. I can’t say one way or another how good this is at preserving wine, but I certainly question why you need to do something this expensive when there are some pretty cheap, low-tech, ways of dealing with this problem.

Are You Adjusting Your Marketing To Boomers?

SVB on Wine

As a winery, where should you be, agewise, directing your marketing focus? That’s the subject of this very interesting post, and the answer probably isn’t what you would have thought.

The writing is on the wall: Lake County Wine Competition

Bob Ecker

Lake County doesn’t get the respect that it’s due. It makes wonderful Cabs, as well as many other wines. But it’s another example of how difficult it is for an “up and coming” region to compete in a wine marketplace where you kind of need big bucks.

For keeping up to date with what’s going on the in wine world, the best all around source is

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