Good Reads Wednesday

jeff-smby Jeff Miller of Artisan Family of Wines (Seven Artisans, Sly Dog Cellars, Red Côte)Every Wednesday I post my recommendations of the best of last week’s postings concerning wine, whether blogs or news. I list them in the order I read them, so you shouldn’t infer anything about the order in which I list these posts.

An inconvenient truth about Pinot Noir

Steve Heimoff

If your idea of a great wine is one that just barely gets ripe, then you have a real problem in cool years when the barely doesn’t happen. At least that’s Heimoff’s conclusion, and it’s hard to say that he’s wrong.

Barefoot Screaming Eagle sticker shock

Wine Blog

If I had my way, the quality of the wine and not the quality of the marketing of the wine would be what really counts. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works. As this post points out, marketing is what really stands out.

Blinding You With Wine Evaluation Science! (VineSleuth Data Shows That Expert Wine Tasters Are Actually Consistent)

1 Wine Dude

After repeated studies showing how useless wine judging is, this post comes to the opposite conclusion. Unfortunately, the devil is in the details, and the details are lacking here. But it’s interesting that somebody, at long last, has come up to the conclusion that wine judging isn’t totally useless.

Winebits 294: Wine supply edition

The Wine Curmudgeon

Grape shortage. What great shortage? This post disputes the widespread rumors that grape supplies are down.

Segmenting the wine market helps us to see more clearly

jamie goode’s wine blog

Good makes the somewhat obvious observation that the wine market is really divided into a number of different segments. While obvious, this is often ignored. So the wineries that market to the mass production consumer have very different needs and goals and those that market to a much narrower, more wine enthused, clientele.

Wine Sales In the Last Half of 2013

SVB on Wine

Fairly erudite discussion of the economy, housing, and wine. The gist of it all is that we have a lot to look forward to it.

For keeping up to date with what’s going on the in wine world, the best all around source is

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