Good Reads Wednesday

jeff-smby Jeff Miller of Artisan Family of Wines (Seven Artisans, Sly Dog Cellars, Red Côte)Every Wednesday I post my recommendations of the best of last week’s postings concerning wine, whether blogs or news.  I list them in the order I read them, so you shouldn’t infer anything about the order in which I list these posts.

Can Petite Sirah be the Next Big Thing? Can anything?

Steve Heimoff

Heimoff posits moderate, not explosive, growth for what should be one of the premiere California wine grapes.

My keynote speech to the Petite Sirah Symposium

Steve Heimoff

Heimoff gave the keynote address to this years PS I Love You symposium. His view is that Petite Sirah needs to take a new tack when it comes to marketing.

Mission grape’s role in California wine viticultural history

Wine Blog

The Mission grape played an essential role in California viticulture. Unfortunately, it has fallen on hard times, for nogood reason as it produces very good wines. Here, Jo Diaz gives a short and sweet history of the grape in this state.

Monastrell: It’s From Murcia

Meg Houston Maker

Monastrell is probably more well know here under its French name, Mourvedre. This grape is capable of producing delicious, concentrated wines. I tried my hand at it, and could never get results that I was very happy with, though. I got light, fragrant wines instead of the deep, brooding wines that European winemakers produce.

Is wine expertise illusory?

jamie goode’s wine blog

Goode concludes that wine expertise isn’t illusory. But for the life of me I can’t figure out how he reaches that conclusion from the evidence he cites. If someone could explain it to me, I would much appreciate it.

Is Demand for Wine Dropping?

SVB on Wine

The conclusion: no, it’s not.

For keeping up to date with what’s going on the in wine world, the best all around source is

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  1. Talha says:

    Hi, AnnieThank you for visiting my blog ealrier today.Well, I told you I’d try this wine and I just did. I’m drinking it by itself and I like it. The price is good($ 8,99) at the farmer market where I stop today. It’s medium-bodied and I like that.Thank you again for the info. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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