Good Reads Wednesday

by Jeff Miller of Artisan Family of Wines (Seven Artisans, Sly Dog Cellars, Red Côte)

jeff-smEvery Wednesday I post my recommendations of the best of last week’s postings concerning wine, whether blogs or news.  I list them in the order I read them, so you shouldn’t infer anything about the order in which I list these posts.

Marketing Confusion: AVAs and the Question of Terroir


Should we place more of an emphasis on the AVA of origin, as opposed to variety? One winemaker thinks we should, and has eschewed variety in favor of appellation. Wark disagrees, and I couldn’t agree more with him. The differences between appellations are tiny compared to the differences between varieties.

Take Grape Varieties Off the Wine Label? A New Wine Makes a Good Argument for Doing Exactly That

Evan Dawson

This post is on the same winemaker as that in Wark’s post, and at least gives the opposing point of view, erroneous as it might be.

Wondering about wine, women, and pregnancy

Wine Blog

It’s always hard to figure out how to react to some health news about alcohol where the effect is so tenuous, and perhaps even nonexistent. So it is with wine consumption while pregnant. The negative effects are pretty miniscule, and may well be nonexistent except in cases of over-consumption. But then again, who wants to take a chance, even if it’s a microscopically small one?

Torbato: Grape, Winery, Many Wines

Elisabetta Tosi

I’ve never tasted a Torbato, and until this post had never heard of the grape. But it sounds kind of interesting. And I’m always happy to see someone experimenting with something different.

For keeping up to date with what’s going on the in wine world, the best all around source is

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